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Elements of a Well-Rounded Inbound Marketing Strategy

All business owners know that marketing plays an essential role in the overall growth and sustainability of their companies. Marketing works to attract new customers and also to retain existing ones. For marketing professionals, there are two different fundamental practices for marketing to consumers – Outbound marketing and inbound marketing. Outbound marketing strategies include many old-hat channels of reaching consumers by pushing out direct mail pieces, radio,...
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In SEO, Top Rankings Aren’t Everything

The job of a search engine optimization consultant has evolved greatly over the last few years. No more is SEO just a narrowly scoped task to get clients ranked in the top 3 for their targeted keyword terms and then calling it a day. Top rankings are nice, but that's not the ultimate goal of the client who is paying the SEO consultant to his/her services....
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Getting Back In Touch with Project Management Basics

Today I came across a great article titled "14 Ways to be the Worst Web Project Manager" ... It's a great article that really emphasizes the fundamentals of project management basics and the career path that I've chosen. I've been managing web redesign and SEO projects for the past 3.5 years. Every project is different with its own set of technical specs and stakeholder personalities,...
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