Local Organic SEO Campaign Strategies

Local Organic SEO Campaign Strategies

To rank well in the local organic search results, your web pages need to be highly relevant to local searchers. To accomplish the rankings you desire, you can optimize your website for organic search, a process known as local organic search engine optimization (SEO.)

Achieving top local organic results is a time consuming process, but when executed correctly, local organic SEO campaigns can pay huge dividends for local businesses with an influx of highly qualified search traffic from local consumers.

So how does organic SEO for local search work?

Essentially local organic SEO works by increasing the overall relevancy of your website's content for targeted keywords that users are searching for. In addition, a significant amount of ongoing off-site work must be done to help build the overall popularity and trust for your website with the search engines and with users.

These two processes work together to boost your website's ranking in the local organic search results and to boost the amount of search traffic your website receives from local consumers. Even though the organic SEO process takes time, it also provides incredible return on investment because of the high trust that you've built with users and the search engines that leads to sustainable rankings.

Below are some ways that your local SEO strategist will work to boost the relevancy and rankings of your website with a local organic search campaign.

Locally-Focused Keyword Research

keyword-research-300x147Any successful local SEO campaign starts with in-depth keyword research using a variety of tools. During the keyword research phase of your campaign, your local SEO company will uncover the most relevant keyword targets that will be the most beneficial for ongoing success. During this process, your local SEO consultant will analyze what your local competitors are doing and then turn to a research tool such as the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to search for suggested keyword terms.

In local SEO, keyword research is highly specific, as most targeted keywords will utilize a geo-modifier to narrow down the target audience. For example, if your company offers pest control services in Atlanta, Georgia, then your keyword targets would probably include such geo-specific terms as “Atlanta Pest Control” or “Pest Control Atlanta GA.”

Highly Creative, Highly Optimized SEO Copywriting

article-marketingOnce your local SEO strategist has uncovered your targeted keyword terms, they'll turn things over to a professional SEO copywriter who will create well-optimized copy for each of your web pages. A seasoned SEO copywriter knows the ins and outs of best practices for content structure on a page. He'll use your targeted keyword phrases in your web page header tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and he'll also use just the right amount of targeted keyword inclusion throughout the body content of your web pages.

Professional local SEO copywriters will also be able to hand craft geo-focused Meta Tags for each of your web pages including your Title, Keywords and Description tags which tell the search engines what your web pages are about. These keyword phrases also light up in Bold type on the search engine results page (SERP) for users when they search for your terms, which lets users know that your page has got the information they're looking for.

Local Content Marketing & Link Building Initiatives

website-optimization-300x193Once the initial on-site work is done for your local organic SEO campaign, your SEO consultant will then need to devise a diverse and effective content marketing strategy to promote your website through a variety of local channels. Creating diverse content that people want to read is essential for a successful local search strategy nowadays. Such content that your SEO strategist can produce are SEO press releases, blogs and other article marketing ventures, video production and optimization, creative infographics or audio podcasts that can be distributed through various channels.

They key for your content marketing strategy is producing awesome content and then sharing it so users can find it. Particularly for local organic SEO benefits, sharing your content on local websites in your region is greatly beneficial. It helps build credibility and trust with the search engines, and increases the chances of a local consumer seeing (and sharing) your content. Sharing your content on social media is also critically important. Getting the word out through social media greatly increases the chances of your content going viral and users linking to your content from their social media profiles and/or websites, thus further boosting your ranking potential.

Optimize Your Google+ Local Page

google-plus-local-optimizationYour Google+ Local business page is just another great opportunity for you to capture valuable real estate in the local organic search results. With more and more local results showing up on the SERP, Google's free listings for local businesses (Google+ Local) are a very important ingredient for a comprehensive local search strategy.

To optimize your Google+ Local page, you must first claim and verify ownership of the listing. From there, you can fill out all of your pertinent business information including your hours of operation, website address and a description of your products/services. From there, getting Google+ users to leave reviews about their experiences about doing business with your company is another essential element for optimizing your page to increase its relevancy to local organic search.

These are just a few of the key strategies you can use to boost your company's rankings in the local search results. To find out more about local SEO, contact me today for a free consultation.