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Local SEO Specialist in Atlanta

Local SEO Specialist Atlanta GALocal Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO) is one of the most effective and cost-efficient means of search engine marketing for small businesses.

For small business that thrive on consumers in their local area to serve as a main source of revenue, a strong local SEO strategy can mean the difference between solid growth and becoming an economic statistic.

As a Local SEO Specialist, I can work with your business to develop a custom local SEO consulting plan that not only increases your company’s visibility in the local search results, but also drives highly qualified local consumers to your website. Among the effective strategies available for a solid local SEO consulting plan are:

  • Local Organic Search Optimization
  • Local Social Media Marketing
  • Google+ Local Optimization
  • Local Paid Search Management
  • Content Marketing for Link Building

Complete Local SEO Consulting Specialists

On-Site Optimization for Local SEO

We’ll start your local SEO consulting by defining your target market. We’ll then conduct extensive keyword research and analysis to determine the most relevant keyword phrases that users are searching for to find your products or services. We will then optimize your website for each of these targeted local SEO keywords with best practices to ensure you have a solid foundation for building top results.

As a Local SEO consultant, you should expect the following aspects of your website to be optimized for local SEO:

  • Web page Meta Titles, Descriptions, Images and URLs
  • Overall page structure to ensure proper HTML markup is used for SEO friendliness
  • On-page website content for optimal keyword inclusion and cross linking opportunities

Off-Site Optimization for Local SEO

Once your on-site local SEO optimization objectives are in place, we’ll begin our ongoing off-site optimization campaign featuring content marketing, link building, and social media strategies. These strategies help boost the overall value and authority that your site has for our targeted keywords.

Local SEO Consultant: Google+ Local Optimization

A recent SEO study found that nearly half (43 percent) of all searches done on the Google search engine were done by someone looking for a local service/product provider.

Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) provides businesses a unique way to get their websites seen in the local search results. Typically, Google+ Local listings get prime location on the search engine results page (SERP), making ranking well in the Google+ results a critical goal to achieve during your local SEO campaign because of the incredible impact it can have on driving highly qualified local traffic to your website.

Google+ Local SEO Consultant

Optimizing your Google+ Local page is an incredibly important step in claiming this highly coveted SERP real estate, and will be a main focus for me as your local SEO consultant.

Each of these local SEO strategies that I've just discussed has a unique and significant value that help shape a well-rounded plan of attack.

To learn more about my Local SEO consulting services or to get a free consultation, feel free to contact me today!