Atlanta SEO Copywriting Services

Freelance SEO Copywriter in Atlanta GA

Strong SEO Copywriting is the powerful foundation of a successful search engine marketing campaign. SEO copywriting helps to establish both keyword relevancy for your targeted keyword phrases, but also works to convince consumers that your company is the one they should do business with. Concise, well optimized copy can lead to higher rankings and drive more conversions.

An experienced freelance SEO copywriter will be well versed in all aspects of organic search. Among the skills that a seasoned SEO copywriter should have are:

  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • A solid understanding of HTML and page structure for optimal keyword inclusion
  • Ability to craft highly optimized but creative Meta tags including the ever important Title and Description Tags
  • Experience crafting optimized URL structures for maximum SEO benefit
  • A conversion oriented writing style to help drive more sales and contacts for the site

Having a strong and experienced freelance SEO copywriter can greatly improve the foundation for long-term organic rankings. To find out more about our SEO copywriting services in Atlanta, or any of our other Atlanta SEO Consulting services, contact me today for a free consultation.